Authorised Person – Electrical

£20-25PH – contract until March 2019 possible extension

Ensure the requirements of JSP375 are complied with in all activities undertaken on the establishments within their area of responsibility



Customer Engagement

  • Understand the operation and priorities of the Head of Establishment (HoE) in order to pro-actively support estate activities
  • Support end-users in the development of new work requirements including provision of formal Additional Services Project submission
  • Ensure that all complaints are resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner
  • Liaise with DIO, end users and other stakeholders to provide advice and support

Technical Responsibilities

  • Accept sole responsibility for the practical implementation and operation of JSP 375
  • Ensure as far as reasonably practical that all persons within the establishment(s) observe the requirements of JSP 375
  • Support the effective and timely delivery of statutory, mandatory and reactive maintenance and Additional Services
  • Provide professional and technical support, and advice, where required to maintenance teams, DIO and end users
  • Support the Help Desk in responding to requests for professional and technical advice
  • Identify opportunities throughout work being undertaken where energy and carbon can be reduced either through selection of equipment or by process efficiencies
  • Ensure compliance and adherence with Health and Safety, sustainability and fire procedures
  • Keep and maintain records and update WorkManager as required
  • Provide support and where directed, manage projects providing technical input and producing business
  • cases
  • If required, travel to and support other SDAs
  • Maintain training, familiarisation and knowledge across all sites within the Service Delivery Area (SDA)
  • If appointed within an establishment containing a hazardous area, actively communicate and co-operate with the hazardous area manager. If appointed within an establishment containing airfield ground lighting, actively communicate and co-operate with the duty air traffic control officer
  • Assess the competence of Skilled Persons for appointment and review experience and performance before re-appointment, and at other times as necessary. Ensure skilled persons are aware of any restrictions related to their work. Where necessary, suspend the appointment of Skilled Persons
  • Produce risk Assessments, method statements and where necessary safety programmes and Permits to Work to a high quality
  • Attend and contribute to risk meetings
  • Review risk registers and follow maintenance and management processes
  • Reduce the number of corrective actions (CARs) raised and close existing CARs within agreed timescales

People Responsibilities

  • Liaise with DIO, end users and other stakeholders to provide advice and support
  • Liaise closely with AEs, seeking guidance as necessary
  • Liaise closely with the SDAM, Site Manager and other APs to ensure diary allows maximum output and continued compliance throughout the SDA
  • Maintain a positive environment in which Skilled Persons and other team members engage and follow in the requirements of JSP 375
  • Co-ordinate action with other APs and Delivery Managers
  • Maintain records within personal log book for site attendance and activities undertaken
  • Submit AP certification to AE for assessment, at required intervals
  • Arrange appropriate training for Skilled Persons
  • Instruct persons required to operate equipment which is under the control of the Authorised Person
  • Notify the SDAM of any defects on equipment or systems
  • Commercial Responsibilities
  • Contribute to the forecasting and planning to develop and maintain Estate plans such as the Integrated
  • Estate Management Plan (IEMP) or Integrated Rural Management Plan (IRMP)
  • Contribute to data gathering and forecasting associated with the Forward Additional Services Plan
  • Management of all processes to ensure business continuity and risk mitigation
  • Consider and document risks associated with the tasks undertaken and propose ways of mitigating any financial or operational impacts.

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with Security and Fraud Policies and Procedures
  • Comply with all Health, Safety and Sustainability Policies and Procedures pertaining to your job role.
  • These are found on the CarillionAmey Intranet within document GD095 Health and Safety Roles and Responsibilities and SuMS Procedure SU019 – Roles, Resources, Responsibilities and Authorities
  • Support all business safety initiatives
  • Comply with the organisation’s Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Consistently demonstrate the Company values
  • Carry out any other duty commensurate with the position